Emerging Leaders

 Commitment to the greater good drives you and your work. Others are dazzled by your “smarts”. Most think you have moxie. You ask questions that leave the room quiet. You have presence.  Asking “why?” is just a part of your core.  If the above statements describe you, or if you want them to describe you, … Continue reading

Important notice about our HEALTH CARE

SB 5905 eliminates state-funded health insurance for part-timers. Under Senate Bill 5905, educators working less than 30 hours a week would be forced into a new health care exchange that doesn’t even exist yet. That will result in higher costs and reduced benefits for some school employees, and if their spouses have health insurance, they … Continue reading

General meeting May 22nd

If you did not get a chance to fill out your ballot for next year’s HEA officers, please see your building rep and get that filled out. Thanks.:) Make sure that you fill out your climate survey by Friday May 31st. A link to the survey was sent to your school email. You are welcome … Continue reading

Retirement Party!

HEA is sponsering a retirement party for our wonderful teachers! Lets honor our retiring educators who have dedicated their lives to teaching, caring for, and helping students become citizens of this world! Our social committee has reserved “The Cedars” for Friday, May 24th from 5:00pm to 6:30pm.   This event is for HEA members and our … Continue reading