Need Clock Hours

There are clock hours available through WEA/Riverside Uniserv. You are able to receive free clock hours through your membership! Please see the attached link for the schedule of events and sign up for your chance to take classes, move up on the pay scale, and sharpen your teaching skills! WEA Offerings Continue reading

Washington education association endorsed candidates

WEA Riverside Endorsed Candidates November 2013 School Board Battle Ground Monty Anderson Mitch Taylor Stephanie McClintock Hockinson Kathy Nordberg Ridgefield Chuck Green Freeholders District 1 Rob Lutz Position 2 Troy VanDinter Position 4 Wendy Smith Position 5 District 2 Jamie Hurly Position 1 Judie Stanton Position 3 District 3 Jeanne Schaefer Ringo Position 2 Sally … Continue reading

Kathy Nordberg for School Board

10 volunteers met together to phone bank for Kathy Nordberg tonight. Thank you volunteers! Please let your building rep know if you are interested in joining in on… Sign Waving: Friday the 18th (really important). Sign Waving: conference week (retired teachers + community members). Phone Banking: if someone wants to call from home we can … Continue reading

School Board position#2 is up for election

There are a couple candidates running for school board this year. The teacher’s union has endorsed Kathy Nordberg. Kathy is a long time community member committed to the continual improvement of hockinson public schools. Her thirty year experience provide unique insight into how hockinson can improve its already high standards. Please visit to learn … Continue reading