Red! Red! Red! “Standing Strong, Standing Together”

Don’t forget to wear RED on November 28th to show your support for education. This is the first day the Legislature will meet to address a budget gap of nearly $2 billion dollars.

“Standing Strong, Standing Together” campaign is your opportunity to show your support for public education.

We’re facing the following cuts

  • Additional 1% salary reduction for K-12 employees
  • Suspending salary step increases
  • Reduction in allocation for K-12 employee health care
  • Ending sick leave cash-outs for employees not retiring
  • Eliminating State funding for transportation (no school buses)
  • Eliminating National Board Certificated teacher bonuses
  • Eliminating funding for all-day kindergarten (RIF)
  • Reducing the school year by 3% (5 days/loss of salary)

Statewide rally at the Capitol

  • Capitol rally, Olympia, Nov. 28, noon, West Campus, Capitol grounds. Theme: “Standing Strong. Standing Together.” Help “Occupy Olympia” for a day. Say you’ll be there via the Facebook event.Media hashtag: #cutshurtkids.

    Activities to consider

    • Ask a local president to write a letter of thanks to the community — and send to the local newspaper editor. Consider buying a newspaper ad that features students saying what they like best about school. Finish with a “no more cuts” message
    • Invite parents to have lunch with their children in the school cafeteria during American Education Week/WEA Week of Action, Nov. 14 – 18
    • Have your local buy lunch for parents who visit classrooms on the WEA Day of Action, Monday Nov. 28
    • Have your local organize a “recognition breakfast” for teachers and paraprofessionals on the WEA Day of Action, Monday Nov. 28
    • All staff wear suspenders to show “support” for Education Support Professionalson ESP Day, Wednesday, Nov. 16
    • Present substitute educators with a small gift of appreciation on Substitute EducatorsDay, Friday, Nov. 18
    • Ask a local place of worship to honor educators in its services before or after American Education Week/WEA Week of Action, Nov. 14 -18
    • Create a local radio, television or newspaper ad that highlights comments from local people who believe in education and the important work of educators (e.g.; the police chief, the county executive, the local hospital CEO)
    • Text legislators on Nov 28 between 12 noon and 1 pm with the simple message: “Budget cuts hurt kids” or “Budget cuts hurt public schools.
    • Host a breakfast for members of your local PTA during the WEA Week of Action, Nov 14-18
    • Get a head-count on how many members can come to Olympia on Monday, Nov. 28, for the WEA Day of Action

Vancouver (WEA-Riverside)

  • On Nov. 28 (Day of Action), a bus has been rented, in conjunction with SEIU, to go to Olympia. (Seats available by contacting// <![CDATA[
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