Initial OSPI requirements and recommendations around coming back to school in the fall will be released June 8, 2020

A Message from our WEA:
I wanted to update you on the progress of the OSPI work group that is providing input into decisions regarding school re-opening in the fall.
WEA has 21 members on this work group, and they represent us well, with teachers, ESP members, and representatives including school nurses, psychologists and counselors. We have members from small locals and large, from the east side and the west.
The work group’s recommendations will inform an OSPI report that will be driven by requirements and recommendations from both the Washington Department of Health and Labor and Industries, and supported by the Governor’s office. The initial OSPI report, including DOH and L&I requirements and recommendations, is expected to be released on Monday, June 8.
This week, we’ve learned two new things: come fall, school will not be what we left behind in March. The vast majority of students won’t be going back Monday through Friday for a full school day. Neither will school be the same distance learning model we have in place right now. This means that school will be some kind of hybrid model with both in-school and distance elements. The details beyond that are yet to be finalized. That said, the working group is providing advice on a variety of issues that need to be addressed under any kind of hybrid model:
Health screening
Personal protective equipment
Transportation practices
Food and nutrition services
School schedules
Learning standards and requirements
Social, emotional, and other needs of students and staff
OSPI will release its first round of guidance next week, with more to follow. The state guidelines will provide direction for school districts to implement, which means that our locals will be involved in bargaining many details of how these guidelines are put to work in our schools.
Throughout this process, our members on the committee have been consistent and clear that the safety of our students and staff should be the highest priority and DOH and L&I requirements should ensure safety.
WEA will continue to emphasize health and safety, economic security, and flexibility, whether in our participation on OSPI workgroups and committees, or through local bargaining.
I recognize that this message probably raises as many questions as it answers. Those answers are yet to come.
Forward together,
Larry Delaney
WEA President
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