HEA Advocates For You!

✊ HEA members are #UnionStrong but the Freedom Foundation is one of many groups taking advantage of this crisis-trying to divide us. 🙄 Ignore their phone calls and emails everyone! #WeAreStickingWithTheUnion

💪The HEA and the WEA worked hard to keep members financially whole during this crisis and #OurUnion continues to advocate for flexible and manageable working conditions facilitating continuous learning! #OurUnion is also advocating for equitable practices on behalf of the students and families we serve! ❤️ And, #OurUnion is providing access to high quality professional development during school closures! Check out availability:


Also: WEA-Riverside is hosting a zoom webinar for student loan forgiveness. Tickets available through http://www.eventbrite.com.

👍 Plus, these are all areas #OurUnion advocates for when we aren’t in a crisis as well. Keep #UnionStrong and carry on. 👊

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