Building Communications Team

Please make sure that you contact your building communications team with any concerns or questions that you would like addressed at your building. It is a really important first step in each of our buildings.

1. Make sure you have 3-4 people willing to be on the committee. Let your co-presidents know the names of your group members when you get a chance.

2. The contract states that this group will meet at least 4 times each school year. Please let your co-presidents know the dates when you confirm them. We’ll put them on the website calendar.

3. Remember, the way this is stated is basically an open communication and pre-grievance meeting.

4. Please send the notes to your co-presidents after each meeting.

5. BCT keeps us informed of any issues that need to be brought to District Communications. We will meet the 3rd Monday of each month for District Communications. This is the next step if Building Communications doesn’t solve an issue or answer a question.

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