Your Dues MATTER!

The association is YOU and your colleagues working together for a better professional life!

We all want what is best for kids. As teachers and as working professionals, we know what is best. We need to stand strong for our classrooms, our students, and each other.


What is included in WEA membership?

1. Economic Security
*Clear legislative goals for school, agency, and college funding improvement.
*Organizing for collective bargaining and coordinated bargaining.
*Training for local negotiations representatives.
*Research for bargaining.
*Staff representation in bargaining, mediation, and escalated bargains.

2. Legislative Program
*Legislative goals approved b the WEA board and NEA representative assembly.
*Organized state/national lobbying program.
*Full time Lobbyists.
*Legislative bulletins, current progress reports. Research/data analysis, support for legislation.
*Legal opinion and attorney support
*Full program of political action–candidate identification, interview, recommendation, support–through WEA and NEA-PAC.

3. Job Security
* Collective bargaining contracts and contract maintenance
* Staff representation and consultation in job related problems.
*Attorney support/legal assistance
*Staff assistance for arbitration
*Staff assistance for local organizing issues.
*Staff representation for evaluation issues, dismissals, reduction in force and local/member advocacy.
*Training for association representatives and members.
*Specialist support

4. Instruction and professional Development
*Specific legislative goals for achieving improved legislation governing school standards, certification, licensure, training programs, and in-service.
*Coalition with administration, school board, college, university, and parents on issues, of school improvement.
*Assistance in providing relevant in-service programs.
*Bargaining for local control of in-service programs.
*Specific goals for professional autonomy and academic freedom, valuing member-directed, professional advocacy.

5. Individual member services/benefits
*free dues tab with paid life insurance.
*attorney referral for legal assistance in non-employment needs.
*$1000000 professional liability insurance
*Low-cost group insurance for members
*Consumer information and services for credit cards, travels, auto rental, financial planning etc.
*Opportunities for self improvement through association training and leadership sessions.
*Member consultation on all employment related problems/concerns.
*Information on professional issues, legislative issues, and association programs through regular publications.

6. An independent, member directed association
*Clear procedures for democratically elected leaders for local regional state and national offices.
*Clear procedures for democratically established goals, programs, and budget/dues for local, region, state, and national levels.
*Leadership development programs
*Full-time elected leadership. (The larger school districts have this)
*Full-time association administration with full-time program/servicing staff.
*National, state, regional offices with administrative assistance, computer support, office equipment, etc., to support association.
*Program committee structure.
*Association public relations programs aimed to build support for the association, the profession, and public employees.

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