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State Of Washington Statistics 2014


Washington is dead last in average compensation among West Coast states
Washington’s average classroom teacher salary rank drops from 5th to 24th place
Washington ranks 24th in average salary out of 50 states and Washington, D.C.
The average Washington teacher has lost over $255,000 in salary over the past 30+ years due to salaries not keeping up with inflation
Washington’s average classroom teacher salary lags thousands behind top-ranked states
The average Washington teacher would have earned almost $17,000 more in 2011-12
Educator losses in buying power
2013-14 statewide certificated salary “http://washingtonea.org/content/docs/comm/statistics/2013-14SAM.pdf” title=”2013-2014 state salary schedule”>
Statewide legislated salary changes

School funding

Washington ranks 47th out of 50 in pupil-teacher ratio
Washington class sizes are among the largest in the country
Washington ranks 41st in education spending per student
65 percent of Washington’s per-pupil revenue comes from the state

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