PHONE BANK and WALK N KNOCK for Monica Stonier!

Help keep Washington Schools strong by volunteering to do phone banking or knocking on neighbors doors with other WEA members.

Walk and Knock the morning of October 18th

Phone Bank the evening of October 22nd

Please let your building rep know if you are available either of these days to help keep Washington Schools a healthy place to learn and grow.
OR Sign up using the link in the blogroll to the right of the Website Page…

We will be knocking and calling to advocate for Monica Stonier (a teacher with the Evergreen School District) so that she can continue to have a voice as a legislative leader in Olympia. Its important that our legislators know what is needed in our schools. Monica’s priorities if elected include preparing kids for the jobs of tomorrow, making sure career and technical training in schools aligns with the jobs in our communities, help small businesses become more competitive and offer veterans more job opportunities.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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