Update on Legislative Decisions…

May 28th, 2015 was the last day of the first special legislative session, and the Legislature still hasn’t passed a budget. Here’s what we know: Neither the House nor the Senate budget funds the smaller K-12 class sizes required by I-1351, which more than 1 million voters approved last fall.

That means Washington students would continue to be packed into some of the most overcrowded classrooms in the nation. Email your legislators and tell them that’s not acceptable.

Meanwhile, some legislators seem more concerned with the upcoming U.S. Open golf tournament rather than passing a budget that funds the smaller class sizes our kids deserve – and the law requires.

HEA along with tens of thousands of WEA members have walked out and taken other actions against the Legislature, and we can’t let up the pressure now. Email your legislators and demand that they approve a budget that fully funds K-12 public schools – including smaller K-12 class sizes for all students. Time is short, so take action now!

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