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Fall 2016 Blitz
We wanted to thank each and every one of you for meeting with WEA and HEA Leaders, November 8th, 2016.  We really learned some valuable information and gained  insights from our HEA members.  We heard a lot of positive comments on our new contract and concerns for health care.
All information gathered is in confidence, of course.  It will be compiled and used as a guide for future negotiations and for current talking points with the District.  Many of our WEA Leaders were quite impressed with the openness and positive interactions  they had with all of you, our members.
To Do
1.  School Board Meeting Monday
HMS Library
(We need to continue attending these meetings.  Let’s build on this positive momentum that we have started!  Choose a meeting or two during the school year and ATTEND!)

Let’s wear them on Monday the 14th (School Board Meeting Day).  
We can then vote at our building meetings as to which days we will try to wear our red HEA shirts to work.

3.  Building Meetings 
Wednesday, November 16th
Please plan on attending your monthly building meetings! They are all listed on the HEA calendar!
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