PLEASE take the below WEA survey to identify your interests and preferences on how you would like to be compensated in the future.

Why the survey now?

This is a historic time, and we are faced with huge challenges and great opportunity. As we work together to ensure that our collective voice and beliefs are aligned, we will need to continue advocating for compensation that recognizes the complexity and importance of our work.

In recent weeks, the governor, legislative Democrats and the Republican Senate each have put forward proposals that they believe will meet the McCleary mandate. Proposals vary, and locally bargained compensation may be enhanced, significantly reduced, or something in between.

We will be active in Olympia advocating for a new system of funding educator compensation that recognizes the professional status of educators, that is fair, and that is negotiated at the local level.

This is a critical time for members to make their voices heard.

The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.


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