May 18th and May 23rd 2017 Let’s Be Champions for Public Education

Your leadership has been discussing upcoming actions we will take to build pressure on our elected Washington House of Representatives and Senators in the 17th and 18th Legislative Districts. As you know, the Legislature did not complete their work in arriving at a budget during the regular Legislative Session that ended April 23, 2017. The Legislature in now in their second session, with the intent to achieve a compromise budget between the House and the Senate. This Session is set to close on May 24, 2017. Our union brothers around the state have been participating in “at-home actions” to create awareness and maintain our demand to appropriately fund public education and comply with the Supreme Court McCleary decision to fund schools in Washington as their paramount duty.

Your Association Representatives and members agreed we must create more attention and lean on our elected officials like Senator Ann Rivers (18th) and Senator Linda Wilson (17th). House members like Paul Harris (17th) and Brandon Vick (18th) need to receive messages from parents and community, encouraging them to build a budget that contains enough revenue and does not hurt our ability to collect levy dollars to support or students and employees. Moreover, ALL elected officials must hear that teachers are the voice of public education, and everything contained in a bargaining agreement is good for students. Collective bargaining rights at the local level must be protected and respected!

Wave a sign and write a postcard to let our legislators know about the importance of public education!

1. Sign waving
Who? HEA and EEA will be assembling together to advocate for public education.
When? May 18, 2017 from 445pm to 545pm.
Where? 164th and Mill Plain; SR500 and 4th Plain; and Chklov and Millplain.
What to wear? Your RED HEA t-shirt! If you don’t have one please contact Megan Miles.

If you are parking in parking lots near the intersections, do not park in spots most convenient to costumers. Park in outer parking lot areas. Do not leave garbage behind. Do not block intersections! Thank you!

2. Convocations
Who? HEA and EEA
What? Respectfully assemble on public sidewalks in front of Ann Rivers and Linda Wilson’s home/business.
What to wear? Your RED HEA t-shirt!
Ann Rivers home
33911 NE 24th Ave
LaCenter, Wa 98682

Linda Wilson’s home
17211 NE Stoney Meadows Drive
Vancouver, WA

DeWils Cabinetry and Appliances
6307 NE 127th Ave
Vancouver, WA
Please do not park in the parking lot. Remain on public sidewalk.
Thank you!

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