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WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Please contact a Building Rep or Exec Officer.

Your HEA Executive Officers and Building Representatives will be spending the day on August 23rd preparing for the new school year. We’re hoping to hear from you as to what HEA can do for you to best represent and support your needs and interests, as well as the needs and interests of our students. Are there things we’ve done well in the past? Things where we’ve come up short? We want to know! PLEASE send a message to a building rep, executive officer or comment on the HEA facebook page about what you would like to see from your union representation in the 2017-2018 school year.

Every year presents surprises, difficulties, twists, and turns, and each year your HEA officers and reps do their darnedest to reach out to and support our members in any way possible. That being said, this next school year is bound to be a year of changes. Changes in the law regarding district funding, compensation, insurance, benefits, certification, and more not seen in years, even decades, will start to be slowly phased in this year. In Hockinson, approximately 15% of our certificated staff will be new to the district. Two of the three school board races in November are drew challengers. Our elementary school staff is welcoming another new administrator after two new ones last year. Our middle school staff is opening (what will eventually be if we stay positive) a beautiful new building. New curriculum is being piloted and implemented across the district. And in the spring, we will be going to the bargaining table once again with the district for a new contract. All of these tasks require us to be united and committed to each other. We’re all in this together.

HEA represents you! So what can HEA do for you?

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