Hockinson’s February 9th levy vote…

Why should teachers support the Hockinson Citizens for Better Schools in their effort to seek passage of the February 9 levy vote?
Money from levy dollars makes up roughly 21% of the Hockinson School District’s operating budget, with the rest coming from state and federal funds. Levy funds bridge the gap between what the state funds and what it actually costs to run a school district.
Levy dollars = better working conditions for teachers and better learning environments for students.
Are the computers in your building slow and outdated? Is your projector on its last leg? Do you save files to the server and hope nothing ever happens to that server? Levy dollars will go towards improving these vital tools
Do you like a non-leaking roof over your head at work? Levy dollars will keep that roof from leaking or put a new one on for you
Are you a believer in athletics/activities, art/music/drama, and other extra and co-curricular programs as a way to enhance a child’s well-rounded education? Levy dollars support these programs.
In addition to upgrades and additions to curriculum and technology, levy dollars pay teachers!
Ten certificated staff positions (that’s ten HEA members) and twenty two support staff members are paid for using levy dollars.
The compensation you receive for TRI and Learning Improvement Days comes from levy dollars.
Your $900 enhancement fund comes from levy dollars
Any future increases to TRI, LID days, and enhancement, or FTE (extra positions not funded by the state) achieved through contract negotiations (coming up this spring/summer for next year) are dependent upon passage of the levy.

What can you, the staff, do to support the levy campaign efforts?
Attend a Hockinson Citizens for Better Schools campaign meeting
Wednesdays at 7pm at the Hockinson Community Church (next door to the middle school)
Remaining meetings are 1/20, 1/27, and 2/3
Bring a friend!
Pick up a yard sign (or two or three) to put in your yard if you’re a community member, or distribute to your friends who live in the district.
Watch for opportunities for waving signs on busy street corners once ballots are mailed (sign-ups will be in the various staff rooms).
Encourage friends/family in Hockinson to vote YES on the levy.
Explain to friends/family what the levy goes to support.
The bond passed last February can only be spent on new buildings for the district, not salaries, curriculum, athletics/activities, etc. Remember, “levies are for learning, bonds are for building.”
Levy funds bridge the gap between what the state funds and what it actually costs to run a school district.
Failure of a levy would result in drastic cutbacks across the board to vital and treasured programs, staff, etc.
Strong schools = high property values.
Refer voters to the district’s Levy FAQ page: http://www.hocksd.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=3152948&pageId=13541005
A vote against a levy is not the way for voters to voice their displeasure with past decisions or experiences with the district. No district is perfect and every community member has the right to voice their opinion or viewpoint to the district, but NO DISTRICT can simply absorb a 21% reduction in their operation budget due to a levy failure. Instead, attend a school board meeting, talk to the superintendent, or call/email members of the school board.
Levies must be renewed every few years by the voters to keep these funds in place. A levy failure would result in extreme cutbacks districtwide, affecting each and every one of us inside and outside the classroom.

The Hockinson Education Association is vigorously supporting the efforts of the Hockinson Citizens for Better Schools as they work to secure a majority vote on February 9. HEA has lobbied WEA-Riverside to contribute $1,000 to the efforts of the levy campaign, and we are asking HEA members to support a $250 donation from HEA to the levy campaign. Members will vote at their building’s HEA meeting this Wednesday, 1/20 after school.

Ballots are mailed out to voters THIS FRIDAY, January 22! Now is the time to secure a YES vote!

Thank you for your support!

The HEA Executive Team
Corey McEnry, co-president
Megan Miles, co-president
Anna-Melissa Lyons, vice president
Nancy O’Neill-Bratt, secretary
Ketti West, treasurer

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