Your HEA tri pay

Did you know your 11% TRI pay equates to about 15 hours per month? That means any extra work you put in outside of the contracted day past 15 hours is time you are working for free!

Your bargaining team needs your help to show the district that teachers are worth more. Please do your best to keep track of the time you work on school-related tasks outside of the contracted day. Grading papers, planning, answering emails, meeting with students/parents, IEP meetings, SafeSchools training, work at home or work at school, etc. Teachers who receive extracurricular or co-curricular contracts should do the same thing but please try to keep the numbers separate.

Jot a quick note down on your desk calendar or in your phone. Your bargaining team can use the numbers to show the district that our teachers are worth more!

Thanks team!

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