HEA Meeting 430pm HHES Library Monday Sept. 19th, 2016

Dear HEA Members,

As you know, your HEA Bargaining Team has been hard at work since April trying to negotiate a new Collective Bargaining Agreement for its members with the District. While numerous issues brought to the negotiations table have been mutually agreed upon by the Association and the District, the negotiations have reached a stalemate, mainly over financial items. The two sides have agreed to reach out to the Washington State Public Employment Relations Commission to provide us with a mediator to help us reach an agreement.

Because of this recent development, the Bargaining Team is calling an emergency HEA General Meeting tomorrow (Monday, September 19) at 4:30pm in the Elementary School Library to update our members on what remains to be settled in our contract and how you, the members, can help our Bargaining Team persuade the District to honor and value you, the professional educators of the Hockinson School District.

The meeting’s topics will include the following:
–How we got to this point
–Items we have agreed to and items we have withdrawn in good faith
–How our requests compare to surrounding districts
–The gains reached by other Associations around the state this year
–What YOU can do to help the cause

We realize this meeting is last-minute and that for many members it is difficult to further commit to more time away from home and family. However, your Association represents YOU and without your support and input we lose credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of the District. A strong, UNITED show of support from our members will help to show that Hockinson certificated employees deserve to at the very least be treated comparably to other professional educators in the area.

We have heard the frustrations about working conditions, the thoughts about applying to other districts, and the desire for Hockinson to return to its former reputation of being the greatest district around for students AND teachers. We want to be part of the solution but we can’t do so without your help. Great schools are a direct result of great teachers, and we want your help to make sure that Hockinson can not only attract, but retain, the best of the best in our field.

In solidarity,

Your HEA Bargaining Team
Megan Miles, HHES
Tara Bellikka, HHES
Anna-Melissa Lyons, HMS
Ketti West, HMS
Angela Redinger, HHS
Corey McEnry, HHS

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