Scheduling a Vacation?

With the holidays upon us and vacation time getting scheduled, please be careful to read our HEA Bargaining Agreement in regards to sick time and personal leave. Please do not use sick leave for vacation purposes.

As per our contract: Personal Leave of three (3) days shall be granted, at no cost, to each employee. Personal Leave days are cumulative up to five (5) days.

This leave cannot be taken immediately prior to or immediately after scheduled vacations (Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break) except under the following conditions:

No more than fifteen (15) certificated employees District wide will be granted personal leave contingent upon substitute availability. These days will be approved on a first come, first served basis with the personnel department. Approval must be secured within (ninety) 90 calendar days prior to the leave date being requested.

Please send your requests to Julie Dobbins.
Thank you and enjoy your vacations!

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