Negotiations update

Your HEA Negotiations Team had their first mediated session with the District today and had over 13 hours of continuous back and forth working toward a settlement. Although progress has been made, we do not feel that we are at a point where we can confidently present an offer to you, the members. As the morning and afternoon and evening has worn on, we are finding our creativity to be dwindling. The mediator has suggested that we reconvene on Sunday at 10am to continue our negotiations.

At the request of the mediator, the Negotiations Team will not be commenting or sharing details on our talks or any offers from either side. Please respect the process as we work our way through this to get our members the most fair and competitive deal that we can.

Your support throughout this process has been inspiring and has helped us get through this day. We appreciate the words of encouragement and your solidarity throughout the process, from walk-ins to board meetings. Keep it up!

Speaking of board meetings, Monday night’s 6pm board meeting is still on and has never been more important. Please do everything you can to be present at the meeting. Show up in the middle school library wearing red!

Thank you for your continued support!

Your HEA Negotiations Team

Corey McEnry

Megan Miles

Anna-Melissa Lyons

Ketti West

Tara Bellikka

Angela Redinger

Lynn Davidson

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